Warden's Father
Vital statistics
Role Warden's Father
Gender Male
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In episode(s) Time-Police Part 2

Superfail The Superjail Inquisitor

Warden's Father (no name given in show)


Warden's Father is cold hearted, greedy, and short tempered. When his son tries to talk to him, he just gets yelled at. When his son showed his father a jail of his own (which will come to life later), this causes his father to become more angry. Warden's Father tries to teach his son that jail is a serious place, but ends up slipping on Warden's toys and falls out of a window slips once again into a hanging noose which means he accidentally hung himself. If his father was alive today, he would be seriously disappointed. The Warden turned his father's jail into a "joke" thus destroying the legacy.

Before his death, he enjoyed killing animals.

After his deathEdit

The death of Warden's Father may have affected The Warden deeply. When his father died, he inherted the jail at a young age. His father tried to teach him how to run the jail seriously, but The Warden does not follow those teachings. The Warden's Father wanted his son to mature, but The Warden is the complete opposite.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

Warden's Father has a detached relationship with The Warden and Jarum (who is similar to Jared). He treats Jarum like Jared. The Warden's mental issues may stem from his father's behavior.He also stared in his own board game called monopoly