Alright, so how about those two guys on SuperJail? I mean you either love'em or hate'em...But season two really got my creativness running and ideas revolving around them. I sierously can't get these two mischivious twins out of my head after the episode of "Hot Chick" in season 2. Although it was quite obvious in the end that they were lying about the whole "last species" story they were telling the inmates in able to work with them...The thing that continues to BUG me the MOST is that the twins father striked me as a very high offical...Or quite possibly a king or ruler of their home planet? I don't know why but the father has a certain brilliance about him. So...If I so happen to be correct does it mean the twins could be royality somehow? Is it me or is that kind of a cool thought about them? Plus it explains some of their traits [being snobby, arrogant, and being able to get what they want]

Maybe they got everything handed to them on their home planet. Maybe they were so spoiled and sheltered throught out most of their lives that it causes rebel against their father? Maybe they simply wanted somthing new and Earth was it? So when it was finally time for them to go they absolutley didn't want to go back, because they don't want to come back home to their humdrum pampered life style and their planet bores them? This is just a thought afterall...But doesn't it kind of patch things together?

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