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Vital statistics
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Gender all male
Voiced by all by Richard Mather
In episode(s) Trouble with Triplets

Triplets are the elder siblings or "broodlings" of the The Twins. They are all voiced by Richard Mather.


Having identical personalities, the Triplets are shown to be very arrogant, spoiled, demeaning. These traits are shown when they first contact the twins to inform them of their recent conquest of a planet with a ship their father gave them as a gift.


They appear in Trouble with Triplets where they contact their younger siblings taunting them with their recent invasion of a planet. The Triplets brag about their awesomeness before mentioning they found themselves their system where the twins are currently lazing about in lame fashion. The twins deny this by lying about have they have already conquered the planet causing the triplets to state they would have no problem welcoming them stating they will arrive very soon.


  • The Twins - In their first appearance it shown they are the demeaning to their younger siblings taunting them with their recent success and beating them upon them their reunion. However, it is clear they demand respect from their siblings such is when they are shocked that the twins would speak out against them and deny the triplets demands. They are even more surprised when their father picks them to be ruler of their home-world instead of them the supposed favorites.
  • Ozzal- They are Ozzal's oldest sons. It would seem that they are his favorite children, as mentioned in the episode "Troubles with Triplets". When they first summoned him, they greeted him happily which he did in return and asked if they were pleased with he gave them which they confirmed. Ozzal was also overjoyed when the triplets and twins cheated in their contest. Although they share a good relationship, the triplets did not seem shocked that their father was suddenly attacked by they warden but were greatly surprised when he happily chose the twins as the new overlords of their home world. The Triplets question their father's decision by bringing their status as his favorite hatchlings with Ozzal replying that they were too timid to even bisect their own patriarch.

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