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The Doctor
Vital statistics
Title The Doctor, the Mad Scientist
Gender Male
In Episode(s) Combaticus

The Doctor often acting as a mad scientist, works for Superjail to forge genetic experiments out of inmates with animals to make genetic splices and mutants. He has made seven specimens. One was of them Specimen 7 was used to spice up things in "Combaticus". The other six were shown in action in "Time-Police Part 1". He makes more appearances in Season 2 whereas he was only featured in 2 episodes of Season 1.


He loves his work. He has a very heavy German accent, and even carries a German WWII era Luger pistol, which he is seen using to kill the scorpion-human hybrid in the beginning of "Time-Police Part 1". He also has many ghoulish helpers for his projects.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

The Warden - He respects the Warden, but seems to push things along when the Warden feels iffy. As he worked with the Nazis during WWII, he even calls the Warden "Herr Warden".

Jared - He doesn't really seem to care for Jared, and only mutters a few words to him.

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