The Music guide which covers the music in the show, and related music items.

In Superjail EpisodesEdit

Note, it can be concluded that if no credits to generic sounding music can be found, it is likely Bradford Reed[1]

  • Cocaine- Song playing in car Jacknife stole in episode Bunny Love and is by Cheeseburger.
  • Rubber Bullets- Intro song to episode Bunny Love and is by 10cc.
  • Unknown Disco music- Music is playing in Skinny dance scene in episode Bunny Love.
  • Unknown Techno music- Music plays whenever The Twins have Air time.
  • Unknown Soft music- Music heard when The Warden talks about his Father in episode Bunny Love.
  • Unknown Elevator music- Music used in showering scene in episode Bunny Love.
  • Outro music- Music heard at outro of most Superjail episodes and is by Bradford Reed.
  • "What a Wonderful Day for Cancer" is a song sung by Ash in Mr. Grumpypants.

Music Videos/Ads Featuring SuperjailEdit

  • Dream Police - A Song by Cheap Trick used in a Promo Ad for Season 2 of Superjail.

Also SeeEdit


  1. As noted in Credits as "Score" and on his site here

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