The Superjail Mecha-Drill.

The Superjail Mecha-Drill is a giant humanoid-like combat robot, that is controlled by the eight allies of Superjail. It appeared in a fight scene in the episode "Mayhem Donor", in Season 2.

Appearance Edit

The Superjail Mecha-Drill was used to try to stop the Donor Monster from destroying Superjail and killing everybody. It is purple, with some yellow and pink, it also features two drills that allows it to drill fast and it is immune to lava. It even features a hand, that shows the middle finger just to piss of the Donor Monster into chasing it.

Controlled By Edit

It was controlled by the eight remaining allies: The Warden, Alice, Jailbot, Gary, Bird, Paul Guaye, Jean Baptiste, Grey Beard Convict.

Biography Edit

When the Donor Monster attacks, The Warden calls for the Superjail Mecha-Drill to step in and defeat it. The Superjail Mecha-Drill starts off the fight, by showing the middle finger and dives down, to start drilling until it reaches to the lava pool. When the plan didn't work, The Warden yells “Damn it!" and Alice decides to take over and tries to drill the Donor Monster. But the Donor Monster sticks in one of the drills and starts to drill The Superjail Mecha-Drill into pieces, until Jared comes in and blasts a bazooka bomb at the Donor Monster but the plan instead backfires.

Then the Chinese mouth of Jared calls him a cracker, until a mouth and a hand comes and slaps Jared. The Doctor comes and tells him to settle down, then another distort comes and calls him a bitch and then they started to fight. Then Jared came up with a plan and told the other distorts to remember their pity differences and fight, which caused the Donor Monster to be destroyed. When it was over The Warden thanked Jared for saving the day and Jared who learned a lesson gave himself a high-five.

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