Seven Headed God
Vital statistics
Role God
Gender Unknown (may be both)
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Ghosts

Seven Headed God (no name given in show) as seen in Episode "Ghosts".

Who/What are the heads of the godEdit

From Left to Right

  • 1-Varaha
  • 2-?
  • 3-Indra
  • 4(center)-Shiva, Krishna, or Vishnu
  • 5-Narasimha
  • 6-Ganesha
  • 7-Kali


Very little is known about the seven headed god but it appears to fulfill it duty in efficient manner. It does not allow those who are not yet ready to die to crossover as shown when it stopped the Warden and Jared from passing by stating "Not yet!" and returning them to the living realm.


  • This god appears to based on Panchamukha Hanuman and Dashavatara. The two heads to the left being like depicted in most images of the five headed god.



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