Monster Convict
Vital statistics
Role Monster Convict
Gender Male
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Cold-Blooded

Monster Convict (no name given in show)


He is a sick, twisted, cold blooded, serial killer who makes furniture, clothing, and masks from his victims body parts. He lives alone in an old farmhouse right next to a graveyard. It is unknown how many people he has killed (possibly ranging in the thousands). In one scene he waits in line for lunch in the Superjail cafeteria. During his turn, the lunch lady turns her back on him for a moment to get soup. When facing Monster again, all the convicts around him had been gruesomely slaughtered. The lunch lady quickly followed, being killed by having her ladle jammed into the side of her head. Later in the episode, Jared enters Monster's cell, as per the Warden's orders so he (the Warden) can learn how to be feared and respected like the Monster Convict. He finds it littered with body parts of other convicts that have been fashioned into furniture and other "homey" items. Monster displays much skill in killing people with almost perfect precision and speed. Ironically, when he discovers Jared snooping around his cell, he slipped on a puddle of blood and fell on his own knife, which went straight through his right eye socket and out the back of his skull. His body was dumped in the freezer room where Alice later has sex with it, until she was frozen as well. Then the Warden tried to have sex with her now frozen body, only to get frozen too after he stupidly stuck his tongue on Alice's frozen posterior. He seems to parody characters from slasher films: such as Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13thMichael Myers from HalloweenLeatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • The Warden - Never met him face to face, but the Warden got jealous over how everybody showed him so much fear and respect.
  • Jared - Tries to murder him but ends up dying ironically in the process.
  • Alice - Never met her face to face but she fell in love with him (and had sex with his corpse).


  • How he made furniture from human beings as well as lived next to a graveyard is based on real life serial killer/grave-robber Ed Gein.
  • Even after being killed in Cold-Blooded, He made a cameo appearance in Superjail Grand Prix.

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