Mayhem Donor
Season 2, Episode 202
Air date April 10, 2011
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Best Friends Forever
Lord Stingray Crash Party

Mayhem Donor is the second episode of season two.



An accident in the jail (courtesy of the Warden) causes Jared to have parts of convicts sowed to his body to keep him alive. Meanwhile, the Warden's plans to sell organs on the black market backfires when the stored organs fuse into a monster that goes on a rampage through the jail.

Ash and Cancer

A quick cameo of Ash and the spirit of Cancer


  • While in the intro when Jailbot is beating up Jacknife, a Super Mario Bros.'s coin sound can be heard.
  • When digging through the ground, Ash with the ghost of Cancer can be seen hiding in an air pocket.


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