Lord Stingray Crash Party
Season 2, Episode 201
Air date April 17, 2011
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Lord Stingray Crash Party is the third episode of season two.



A surprise castaway seems like the perfect friend for The Warden, but he has other plans for Superjail, and plans to take over as Supreme Leader.

Interview with Christy KaracasEdit

(Via: Series co-creator Christy Karacas talks about “Lord Stingray”:

“He’s kind of a super-villian dude who has his own army, kinda like Cobra… He washes up on Superjail after his base is destroyed and the warden loves him, sees him as an equal and tries to be buddies… but Stingray has other plans for Superjail. This was actually the first one we did but we didn’t air it first… Stingray appears in other episodes later in the season.”[1]


  • This episode was suppose to be the first chronologically.
  • This episode introduces The Warden's archnemesis "Lord Stingray".
  • This is one of the only times the twins cuss or show any emotion


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