Ladies Night
Season 1, Episode 104
Air date October 12, 2008
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Ladies Night is the third episode of season 1.



The episode begins off with Jacknife looking at a bar sign for The Stinky Whistle that said "Ladies Night! Ladies Drink Free!". Jacknife then looks at the Flower Lady. In the next shot, Jacknife is wearing her clothes and gets a drink, then sits down to play a bar game. ("Wanna see a naked lady?") Jailbot comes out of the machine, chases, and picks up Jacknife to fly him to the intro and back to Superjail.

The episode begins on quite the chaotic note, with Jared noticing a ship flying toward Superjail's perimeter ("Oh no!! Space intruders!!"). Immediately brought to full alertness that Superjail could be under attack, the Warden quickly gathers the staff and races toward the cell block where sure enough a large ship has crashed through the wall. The inmates of course find themselves entranced enough when the ship is revealed to be full of female convicts, and naturally the Warden is both flustered and confused with the intrusion. ("Jared, are these what you call IMMIGRANTS?" "...I think they're WOMEN, sir.")

The Warden's questions are quickly answered when a smaller vessel lands near the wreckage, and upon opening reveals what seem to be female counterparts (male that's questionably feminine, in Alice's case) of the Superjail staff. The Warden's counterpart, The Mistress explains that she runs Ultraprison, supposedly the best prison known to man. She goes on to further explain that their transport ship malfunctioned, and repairs would be required before they could take off again. The Warden offers The Mistress and Charese a tour of the facility while Jailbot pairs up with Nova to aid with the repairs. In the meantime, Alice and her counterpart Bruce transport the female convicts to their proper confinement.

Throughout the grand tour of Superjail however, the Mistress continually makes snide comments about the size and nature of the prison. The argument quickly escalates into a bet regarding the behavior of their inmates; the two prisons would hold a grand ball in Superjail, and whoever's inmates behaved the best would declare victory for their respective facility, the stakes being The Mistress' ladies and the Warden's Superjail. The two "shake on it" (if the Warden's fake hand prank could account for a handshake), and the two women leave to prepare their convicts for the night ahead. (Or rather The Mistress instructs Cherice to prepare the convicts, while likewise the Warden instructs Jared to miraculously reform their inmates by the time of the ball, and both efforts prove futile enough.)

Tensions mount between the other counterparts as well, from Jailbot's short temper with Nova's superior repair skills to Alice's aggravation toward Bruce's criticism of her technique in maiming the prisoners. Jared and Cherice however seem to connect right away through their ability to relate to one another, seeing as how they're routinely abused by their employers.

While Jared shows Cherice his favorite spot at Superjail, the ball (appropriately named "Lockdown of Love") gets into swing in a gymnasium overhead. The Twins however decide to excite the festivities by releasing Spanish Flies on the ladies of Ultraprison. Within a few bites, the female inmates are driven wild by a hormonal imbalance that urges them to chase down their male counterparts for sex. Even Nova finds herself chasing down Jailbot when one of the flies slips into her system, and for both being ladies at one point Alice and Bruce both find themselves bitten and enamored with one another. The dance is reduced to a standard Superjail slaughter as ladies rip apart men, and out of self defense the men find ridiculous methods to retaliate against the sexually charged women.

Angry at the sight of Alice and Bruce, the Warden demands that the Mistress explain herself. But having been bitten herself, the Mistress replies candidly with a salacious pursuit of her own. ("I hope you're cream filled.")

By morning the effects of the Spanish Fly bites have worn off, and the Mistress is horrified to find herself in the Warden's bed. The Warden wakes soon after, greeting her as expected. ("Thanks for the great sex, LOSER.") The Mistress concedes the victory to the Warden as well as his fairly earned prize, but if only to infuriate his adversary further the Warden declares her prisoners too unrefined for a high class establishment as Superjail.

The departing of Ultraprison's staff leaves Jared and Cherice heartbroken, as the two had spent the night outside the dance developing a substantial bond and love for one another, though of course their employers couldn't care less for their newly developed feelings. As the Mistress tears Cherice away from Jared and Ultraprison departs (along with a femininely disguised Jacknife), the Warden consoles Jared with his assessment that girls are nothing more than a pack of hormonally insane vixens. (Which Jailbot can attest to, having apparently contracted HIV from Nova.)

The episode ends with the Spanish Flies talking about the previous night's events, though they crave enough ladies that if they don't bite anymore they might have to bang the Tequila worm.