I high-jacked a pussy looking police officer,I took his outfit and his car,and I pulled over a very good looking ladie,I told her to come out of the car and put her hands on the outside of the car.Her butt was in plain view so I bent over and squeezed it  real hard and felt it then she turned around and held me in her arms,I was real suprized when her face started to melt off.But then I saw that face,I'd reconize that face anywhere it was the face of the white robot.So I started running as fast as I could untill I got to this house and I stared banging on the door,it wouldn't budge, so i just barged right in.When I got in it was pitch black and all of a sudden out of nowhere and stripped me down to my underwear took a knife and skinned my face and locked me up upside down and it happened in about 30 seconds, mabey even less. I heard some stuff going on upstairs and all of a sudden I hear the ceiling crash and my face floats back down near me but I can't grab it because i'm locked up, I think the white robot took the guy that skinned me,good,but I can't do anything about my face.

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