I was just getting into it with the farmers daghter, Lindsey, and all of a sudden we heard the door kick right open we look up to see what is was and OH SHIT! Its was Farmer Jenkins! He had a shotgun in his hand and was wearing a pair of overalls with no shirt and,man,was he PISSED he started shooting at me and I jumped right out of that haystack me and Lindsey were getting it on in, and I was dodging the all the bullets Farmer Jenkins was shooting at me but all of a sudden a U.F.O. It tried to take me and I freaked out. Farmer Jenkins kept on trying to shoot it, the people inside the U.F.O must have been pissed because they sent out a Death Ray that melted his skin off.

It tried to suck me up but the white robot i've seen many times before came out of a corn stalk and grabbed me by my leg, and shot the U.F.O down. Then off we went for the sixth time.Again I saw all these diffrent dimensions on the way to Superjail, and then man with the top hat cloud swallowed us again and then off I was at Superjail for the sixth time.When I got there the man with the top hat was holding a science fair and he declared himself as the winner of it.He presented his Terrorarium and he requested that he get five prisoners to test it out. The white robot had no poblem with picking four others including me.To demonstrate he was shredding us up and we died momenterily, only to become alive again in the Terrorarium. It was a HUGE jungle filled with deadly insects,that couldn't wait to either mate wth you or kill you or both. An imate with sunglasses, a black inmate, and I came out and the balck inmate saw an insect from a very far distance and said,Look it's so graceful,like a ballerina in the sky. Then it swooped down and bit the inmate with the sun glasses and flew him away.The black inmate and I were hiding together and all of a sudden a spike went thru his chest,it was another insect, it ripped the skin off his back and then his legs and then his face and last but not least ate him.The other two inmates were no doubt dead. I crawled for I don't know how many miles, but then I finally saw the finish line witha red vile.I ran over there and I heard, Congratulations, you've won Terrorarium,now please drink your prize! I drank the vile and was really suprised when I didn't grown any bigger so I looked at the vile just to make sure and I saw that it said In-Sex Pheremones Tons of deadly insects were just lining up to mate with me, but all of a sudden everything including the bugs grew bigger so I hopped on top of one and flew my way to freedom I had a strong feeling it wasn't going to last long though.

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