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Future Warden
Vital statistics
Role Future Warden
Gender Male
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Time-Police Part 1, Time-Police Part 2

Future Warden (no name given in the show) has become a ruthless dictator and has taken over the world. He is now in all control of the entire world, has no sympathy for anyone or anything, and enjoys the war that goes on behind his back. He resides in the White House, watching the battle wage outside, and sends his Superjail Troopers and Jailbot X into battle without leaving.


He is madder than before, and much more ruthless and sadistic. He seems to have gained a deeper voice than his present counterpart, a tan, and is much more cold and cruel. He is content with watching people suffer and die, and even enjoys it, to the brink of killing a president. He makes dark jokes, contrast to his present self making wisecracks, and watches the war between him and the other inhabitants of Earth right outside his window with glee. He was last seen, in Time-Police, Part 2, flying in his mini-hovercraft, killing those who tried to attack him with an ingenius metal glove that could destroy anything in its path.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • Future Jared- They get along very well, and seem to be more like partners, though Future Jared still takes care of finances.

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