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Vital statistics
Role Fatty
Gender Male
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Bunny Love Pilot, Terrorarium, Ladies Night, Combaticus, Don't Be A Negaton, Planet Radio


Very insulting and perverted, and is met with fatal repercussions in all his appearances. A morbidly obese convict with a high pitched voice and a perverted attitude. Fatty arrived to Superjail in the same batch of inmates as Jared, which may suggest that he had some connection to the mafia in the outside world (in a previous scene a terrified Jared states that he has unknowingly worked for the mafia prior to his arrest). He is frequently seen massaging his own navel during his perverse outbursts. While Fatty is usually seen harassing fellow male inmates (sniffing his cellmate's underwear, offering do display his "family jewels", and so on), he does not hesitate to wolf-whistle at the attractive female inmates of Ultraprison a split second before a well-thrown high healed shoe punctures his eye and sends him over the railing. Although usually little more than an annoyance, Fatty displayed true aggression and blood-lust when forced to fight in the Pummelonian arena, although he was quickly defeated by a chainsaw-wielding opponent.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

Bird & Gary- He made fun of them in the pilot episode.

Jared- He was coming onto him when they first arrived at Superjail was the reason Jared quickly accepted The Warden's offer to work for him.

Jailbot - He cared for Jailbot when he was "Jailpup". He also helped rescue Jailbot. 


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