Emergency Code 45735 is the code that must be entered in order to enter Superjail if it is left without "proper" leading by The Warden.

Usage Edit

Emergency Code 45735 was first used in “Time-Police Part 1", as a computer voiced system. It was activated when The Warden was suddenly taken by the Time-Police and it was found out by Jared that it only happens when The Warden is not within Superjail.

Special Powers Of Authority Edit

Emergency Code 45735 may be an alert system designed to notice that The Warden is gone, but it was also designed to have powers:

Shutting Down Superjail: this power is known to temporarily and forcefully shut down Superjail, when The Warden doesn't appear.

Release All Inmates: when Superjail shuts down, Emergency Code 45735 also have the willpower of freeing all inmates that are in their cells. However once they were freed, they start to kill each other and tear Superjail apart in the proces.

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