Season 1, Episode 110
Air date October 19, 2008
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Ladies Night
Don't Be A Negaton

Cold-Blooded is the forth episode of season 1.



Jacknife, imitating a police officer, pulls over to 'help' an attractive young woman stranded on the side of the road. He motions for her to get out of the car, and starts groping her. She smiles mischeviously, and suddenly her skin melts, revealing herself to be Jailbot. Jailbot pursues a fleeing Jacknife to a secluded house, is attacked by a man wearing Jacknife's face, but takes him away to Superjail. As they crash up through the roof, Jacknife is shown hung on the wall, his face cut off.
The new prisoner, an Ed Gein-like serial killer, terrifies the new prisoners, slaughtering most of them violently. The Warden watches from his office, wondering how he can get the inmates to fear him as well. Alice, visibly turned on by the new inmate, offers to interrogate him, but the Warden insists that it's no job for a lady. Alice storms off angrily, and Warden knocks out Jared, and has The Doctor disguise him to look like any other inmate.
Jared is dumped in the cells, with the guarantee the phrase "baby make wee wee" will have Jailbot bail him out. He sneaks into Monster Convict's room, unaware that Monster Convict is sneaking up on him, ready to kill him. He slips on blood, however, and stabs himself, angering the Warden (who blames Jared) causing him to abandon Jared as punishment. A group of inmates, resembling members of ICP and Slipknot, enter the cell are impressed by Jared's seemingly easy defeat of the Monster, and Jared takes advantage of their loyalty to him.

Meanwhile, The Twins are bored, and decide to sneak into Jailbot's mainframe and hack into his control system. Using Jailbot remotely from their Control Room, and attack the Warden, who narrowly escapes. They then control Jailbot to go on a killing rampage of the inmates.
The Gay Couple dispose of Monster Convict in the freezer, where Alice is practicing her punches on a piece of meat. She sees the body, and proceeds to have her way with it.

Jared, now on a throne hailed as the inmates' boss, is requested to take care of the desctructive robot. He punches Jailbot, thinking they're on the same side, and gets pummelled by the twins in response. Two inmates manage to sneak him off to safety and show him specially crafted 'armor' (put together with low-grade materials and dubioius craftsmanship) to combat the robot.

Warden, chased by Jailbot, hides in the freezer and locks the door, finding Alice frozen solid on top of Monster Convict. From the outside, the inmates and Jared, now in the armor, attack Jailbot, but Jared proves to be no match against the robot. Jared is hurled into the freezer, where there are many creatures; penguins, yetis, ice creatures, living trees, snowmen, etc. They become enraged, and the fight becomes more chaotic as Jailbot, the inmates, Jared, and the creatures all fight.
In the midst of the fight, Jailbot throws Jared at the thermostat, causing the freezer to go to maximum freeze, icing over all of Superjail, and freezing the inmates, Jared, and the Warden.
The Twins proclaim they were too good and the game froze, and go out to enjoy the Superjail snow day. The episode ends showing all the inmates and staff frozen while the warden who has his touge frozen on Alice's breast.                       Jacknife's point of view in Episode 4

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