Vital statistics
Role Charise, The Accountant of Ultraprison
Gender Female
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Ladies Night

Charise[1] is the accountant for Ultraprison, as well as the attendant for the Mistress.


As a person, Charise appears to be decent, rational, and even quite kind; this is a counter-balance to the cruel, indifferent, and unfaltering formal approach of the Mistress. The relationship between the two closely mirrors the relationship between Jared and the Warden, with Charise acting as the mostly ignored "voice of reason" within the staff of Ultraprison in much the same way as Jared is within Superjail. It is not surprising that she and Jared become infatuated, and quickly fall in love. When she believed him to be dead she got over him rather quickly and became infatuated with The Doctor making out with constantly.

Despite that, she possesses an innocent personality as she refused to sleep with the doctor after he made several advances on her. This led to her dumping him and returning to Jared when the latter saves her from the Doctor's botched experiment though her non-sexual activities annoy him as well.


Charise wears a pink woolen jumper over a simple knee-length grey skirt. Although she herself is significantly shorter than Jared (whose forehead extends the top of his head), she wears her bright red hair in a tall beehive adorned with two pink ribbons, bringing her overall height to the exact same proportions as his. She also wears a pair of violet glasses.


  • Jared- In Ladies Night, the two meet and after realizing they are similar in many ways, it is no surprise that they would fall for each other as they were sad to see the other leave. In "Superhell!", when she returns to Superjail with Alice and Stingray, she immediately set out to find him and was distraught after believing he was dead. Though she got over him pretty quickly and started making out with the doctor, while Jared was revealed to be alive and witnessed the act being upset by it. Even after Charise discovered his survival, she continued seeing The Doctor as shown in Superstorm! however, she breaks up with him and starts dating Jared again after he saves her from the doctor's botched experiment. At the end of the episode, it is assumed that Jared while he is happy to have her back, he is slightly annoyed by the fact that Charise is not sexually active.
  • The Doctor- In "Superhell!", when she believed Jared to be dead she got over him rather quickly and became infatuated with The Doctor making out with the latter constantly. As shown in Superstorm!, Charise starts dating The Doctor in "Superhell!" upon mistakenly assuming Jared had died in the Superjail fire, but in "Superstorm!" she dumps him after he tried making sexual advances on her. However, he was not upset as he made a horny undead duplicate of her who he would make out with continuously.


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