Bunny Love Pilot
Season 1, Episode 000
Air date May 13, 2007
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Bunny Love is the Pilot of the series and has the intro with the song Rubber Bullets by 10cc instead of the intro used later.



The episode begins with Jacknife being released from Rockland County Max Security Facility. The first thing he does is light cigarette and spies a car driving down the road near him. The car stops at the red light in front of the jail and Jacknife punches through the window and pulls out the driver and gets in and throws in a tape and then runs over the driver. Then he notices a girl wearing a "I Love Bunnies" t-shirt in the back seat crying. He runs the car into a bar building, and then walks out of the bar with a drink he got in the bar, and walks into the pet store next door. Jacknife walks past the store clerk and takes a bunny from the store and sticks it in his pants and walks to the door. Jailbot breaks through the floor and Jacknife throws the bunny at him. Jackife runs through the store as Jailbot chases after him breaking and releasing all the animals. Jacknife is caught by Jailbot and they fly away. The little girl from earlier starts to run away crying as they leave, and Jailbot feeling sorry shoots an ice cream cone at the girl. Then the show goes through the intro.

Jacknife is dropped near Superjail and is caught by a bird in a clock and is taken in that door with the bird. He goes through a factory system and is stripped naked, and then cleaned, and clothed in the Orange Jail jumpsuit. Then he lands on a roller coaster and pukes while going very fast and ends up landing in a odd white room. A drink is offered and he takes it, going into a dreamlike state and The Warden greats him and lets him know where he is, then he wakes up to being punched by his new cellmate. Then his cellmate hands off through the door bars a item and its passed down a few cells til Gary takes it. He then goes to the window of the cell and opens it and takes a worm out and chews it then offers it to Bird. Perverted Convict then says he has a worm to offer, which then Bird goes off camera and then there are screams and blood splatters on Gary's face, then Bird comes back on camera with something that looks like bacon.

Alice walks by in the hall, and goes to a cell with a sandwich in her hand. She comes in the sell where Skinny sits on the ground very hungry. Alice tells him to do his thing if he wants it. Skinny then starts dancing a bit in a dress when Alice gets a call. Jared calls telling her there is a meeting and she leaves the cell taking the sandwich. She then throws the sandwich and the communicator in a trash shoot and The Twins catch the two items, and then they say "Yunny; information," and "Yummy; tuna fish," and then the Twin with the sandwich smears tuna on his face.

Jared is still sending a communication as Alice comes in to The Warden's Office. Then The Warden comes in to start the monday morning meet, and turns down the lights. Jared then tells how there was a lava leek in sector seven, losing power in quarderents five through nine, and suffered spoilage in the cafeteria. Jared then blames the twins and the warden then says he'll deal with them. Then the clock goes off and the Warden proclaims its new prisoner time. Jailbot busts into the room with Jacknife. Alice said he came in at nine am and that he hadn't been out of Real Jail for more than a minute. Then the warden really quickly says things about how he started Superjail. Then Alice points out the bunny found that Jacknife had which was very much dead. The Warden then presses a button on the side of the desk and a rocket comes up from the floor and Jacknife is put in it, then it flies off. The Warden then starts loving the carcass at first, then starts getting weirdly angry then rips the bunny fur off the bunny and places it on his head. He then says that he wants every inmate to have one.

In the next seen Jared in his office is trying to budget as he is getting ready to order the bunny suits. He decides to cut all the extra activities including the garden. While Jailbot is mowing the the garden the Twins notices the activities and investigate it through they Mainframe Computer in The Twins Control Room. They change the order to include Wolf Suits too. Jared notices the change right after he orders and screams.

Next Alice comes to the Shower Room and gives The Gay Couple and others the new suits. Later its clear that the gay couples relationship seems to be in trouble thanks to attitudes the two different suits make. Later, down in the prison area there are fights breaking out. As all that is happening Jared is fearing he'll lose his job, bit the Warden seems happy with what has happened, and has Jailbot put the eyeball flying device down. The Warden congratulates the Twins and then the moon comes up and howls start being heard. The Warden and Jared leave as the wolf dressed convicts become live wolves and start attacking and eating bunny dressed convicts. A lot of the bunny convicts next ran into the Cafeteria. The cooks see them running in and assume that they are the meat delivery and that it needs to be cleaned up. Janis the head cook gets tools and all five cooks start chopping up the convicts. Two convicts fighting knock over the mystery meat and then electricity hits the mess and a monster forms and kills convicts, and eats some of the cooks before leaving the place by breaking down walls. The Rocket that Jacknife was in lands there and Jacknife runs away the direction the monster had went. At the end of the show Jared and the Warden eat the mystery meat and are happy the Wardens plan worked.

After the shows credits there is one more seen where Skinny is eating the Mystery Meat and all the sudden in the pot next to him the monster comes out and pulls Skinny into the pot.

Jacknife's escape.Edit

Meat monster breaked down walls.The Rocket that Jacknife was in lands there and Jacknife runs away the direction the monster had went.


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