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Vital statistics
Role Bruce The Enforcer of Ultraprison
Gender Male
Voiced by {{{voice}}}
In episode(s) Ladies Night


Bruce is Ultraprison's prison guard and Alice's counterpart.


Bruce is a transgender male as well as a show-off and quite a narcissist as he would continuously try to show up Alice in the episode.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

Alice and Bruce both hated each other until they get bitten by the Spanish Flies. Alice has been said to be a transgender woman, so it may be that Bruce could be a transmasculine person since both Superjail and Ultraprison are different varied by gender. The Spanish Flies had also commented regarding Bruce's and Alice's transition assuming "At one point they were both a lady!" after confusion about which one they should bite. The flies bite them both and the two begin to wildly make out; they most likely had sex afterwards.

The next day, the Mistress took her inmates and Ultraprison. Bruce was seen on duty making sure the inmates were transported. It appears Bruce and Alice shrugged off last night. When the Mistress takes over in "Stingstress" episode, Bruce quickly forgets their rivalry. Bruce pulls Alice aside and hires her to join as security, instead of being a prisoner like the Warden and Jared. Alice leaves her team without a thought and the two appear to work together happily at first. At some point, it cooled off quickly and tension rose between the two dominanting personalities.

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