Vital statistics
Role Bird
Gender Disputed
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In episode(s) Bunny Love, Superbar, Don't Be A Negaton, Time Police 1 & 2

Bird is an inmate in Superjail. He is small, yellow, and very violent and dangerous. He's also a smoker and is most often seen sitting on Gary's shoulder.


Seems to be one of the smartest characters in the show, and usually he and Gary are behind the inside doings of Superjail. His intelligence is shown by the fact that Gary only has to make eye movement or face movement for Bird to understand any orders that are given. Bird might also be the reason why Gary is in jail, as Gary has never killed anyone. Bird is also quite brutal, as in one scene, Gary feeds him worms from his mouth. Gary's cellmate (Fatty) makes a joke by stating, "Hey Gary! I got a worm for you right here! I'm talking about my penis." In response bird flies over and rips Fatty's "penis" off screen. Bird and Gary then both chew on the penis. In Ladies Night, Bird also appears to be running a cult.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

  • Gary- the two are almost inseparable, and between them they have the most (if not all) control and respect from the Superjail inmates.
  • Bird, like most other inmates, has a female counterpart in Ultraprison, who is gray and wears a red bow. This leads some to believe that Bird is male, like every other inmate in Superjail.

Trivia Edit

  • Bird is the head of a cult that seems to be made up of rodents (as seen in s02e03). Little is known about what goes on within the organization.
  • Possibly connected to the end of s03e03 where Gary's vocal chord is thrown into the trash and eaten by a rat, followed up in s03e09 when this rat attempts to take over Superjail.
  • In Superfail!, Bird's gender is revealed to be male when he was staring at a female bird with an egg under her on a little computer.
  • In Time-Police, Pt. 2, Bird's gender is revealed to be female when she gave birth to a human-bird hybrid.
  • It's suspected that because of the two previous points, Bird is therefore lesbian or bisexual.