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Vital statistics
Role Alice the Enforcer
Gender Female
Voiced by Christy Karacas
In episode(s) All

Alice is the male-to-female transgender head Corrections Officer of Superjail, or better described to be the ONLY Corrections Officer. She is voiced by Christy Karacas.



Alice prior to living as a woman

She at one point was a male Corrections Officer named Big Al, and worked for a normal jail where she was known for her way of  handling rowdy prisoners. Her fearsome reputation of being aggressive and ruthless to inmates was well known to other prisons across the world, as it led to vile things being said about her, according to the Warden .

While there, she was in love with Warden Toddly.
S02e05 080
 Her interest in Toddly led a moment of self discovery, which resulted in her beginning her gender transition. She went on from that day to become known as Alice, but in the day she was ready to express her feelings, a shocking twist was found. Alice walked in on Toddly making out with another man, revealing himself to be a homosexual, and he was repulsed by Alice's new appearance. He fired her while calling her a freak who will never get hired by another prison. She was alone and fell into a depression crying to herself in her pickup truck. But as fate would have it, The Warden showed up as she was leaving, and he offered her a job at Superjail as the new Corrections Officer (as he had heard bad things about her treatment of convicts, which to the Warden was a good thing), while flirting her with immediately. [1]


Alice is a tough, cruel person that rarely shows emotion. She usually punishes and tortures convicts for her own amusement. She seems to be attracted to muscular men (Superbar) and displays clear hybristophiliam, although this could be in part of a lack of a stable relationship that does not involve victimizing dangerous criminals, and thus seeing this type of behavior in men as normal. (For example, in "Cold-Blooded," Alice thinks that the new prisoner is simply a quiet artist.) She also seems to show attraction towards D. L. Diamond.

She seems to feel the need to fulfill traditionally female roles, such as bridesmaid[2] or god mother[3], in addition to her established role as corrections officer.

Karacas has confirmed that Alice is transgender, saying that she is working at Superjail because no other jail would hire her after coming out.

Relation to Other CharactersEdit

The Warden- While she doesn't love the Warden as he does her, it doesn't mean that she won't protect him, or use that to her advantage. She is strictly business in regards to him. It seems that unless the Warden's schemes directly affects her; she doesn't seem to mind the daily slaughter that occurs at Superjail.

Jared- It is clear she doesn't like him getting in her business and doesn't care for his timely punctual behavior. She especially doesn't like anything that could be seen as an order by him, stating "You're not my boss!" ("Bunny Love"). But in Time-Police Part 1, Alice gave up her last burger to Jared and cried when they seperated.

Jailbot- They get along fine, as both usually take the same side on a issue. Aside from being comrades in battle (with the exception to when the twins hacked into Jailbot), Alice and Jailbot don't interact much regularly.

Skinny- In so many nice words, he is Alice's play toy ("Bunny Love").

Sweet Cheeks Convict- They had a very short relationship, which would best be described as one-sided ("Superbar").

Bruce- Very much like Alice, but a transgender man. They were forced into working together in "Ladies Night", and established a bitter rivalry between each other. After hell broke loose thanks to the Twins and their Spanish Flies, they began fighting before they both got bitten (the flies couldn't tell which one to bite) and proceeded to make out. (While it is not shown, it is assumed that they eventually had sex as a result.)

Paul Guaye and Jean- Alice was Paul and Jeans reluctant brides maid at their wedding. ( Gay Wedding)

Abilities Edit

She is very strong, and can break/bend and turn anything.[4]


  • On many occasions it is shown she is in denial, as she believes many people find her extremely attractive.
  • She is the only person to have fought Hunter and lived.
  • She thinks the Twins are female.
  • She was one of only two people to without doubt, survive the events of 'Burnstoolie burn".
  • The only time she is seen without her glasses is when correctional officer Bruce sprays her eyes, but her eyes are closed.
  • The Hunter is the first character to beat up Alice so far.
  • In Special Needs it show that Alice always wanted to be a woman in a flashback it shows her as a child (long before she began transitioning) wearing her mother's clothes and beating up a boy who probably made fun of her. 
  • Ironically, as it turns out Alice's sex change did not help her win her old warden, as he turned out to be homosexual. Alice was unaware of his sexuality until after she began her transition.



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